Beer Equipment Rental

A great addition to any party is ice cold beer. With equipment fit for any event and guest size, you can easily browse our beer rental options and select the best fit for you.


Impress your guests with this one of a kind bar.

  • Holds 40 kegs
  • Fast set up and tear down
  • 24 turbo tap faucets
  • 24 turbo tap faucets
  • *Requires 50 amp/240 volt electricity
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Beer Can Trailer

This "six-pack" is sure to take center stage
at your next event.

  • Holds up to 40 cases at 30 degrees
  • Fast set up and tear down
  • Can be used without ice
  • *Requires 50 amp/220 volt electricity
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Mobile Beer Trailer

With multiple tabs on both sides, this trailer is perfect for any event size.

  • Holds 60 kegs
  • Fast set up and tear down
  • Multiple units available
  • *Requires 50 amp/220 volt or 20 amp/110 electricity
    depending on the unit
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Need keg beer but don't have much space?
Rent a Kegerator today!

  • Double Taps Available
  • Portable – can be used inside or out and does not require much space
  • Holds up to 3 kegs
  • *Requires 20amp/110 volts
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Jockey Box

Want cold beer but don't have access to electricity? No problem,
the jockey box is your answer!

  • Single or double coolers available
  • 90' coil to cool the beer
  • Only requires a CO2 tank
    (available through us with deposit)
  • Portable - can be used inside or out
    and requires little space and no electricity
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Reserve Your Beer Equipment

If you are interested in reserving any of our beer equipment or have questions regarding availability and pricing,
Contact us today!